Facebook Advertising is an art form. 

We have mastered the Facebook Business Manager and use the following tools to create successful campaigns for our clients


Pixel Retargeting

Any real Facebook marketer today will tell you the key to success with Facebook Advertising comes through the Facebook Pixel. 

The data collected from your website visitors is a priceless commodity when launching and managing successful Facebook campaigns. 

We use this data to create relevant ads that are hyper targeted to the correct audience at the correct time. 


Custom Audiences

The Social Pixel use Custom Audiences to create highly targeted Facebook ads for specific products, occassions or events. 

For example lets assume you own a hotel with a spa and your objective is to increase sales within the spa. We would use the Pixel to find out how many people have visited that particular page and launch a Facebook ad with content solely focused on visiting the spa. 

This laser focused approach offers significant value to the consumer and is a highly cost effective strategy. 


Lookalike Audiences

The Pixel is continuously collecting valuable data and analysing the demographics and behaviours of your website visitors. 

Not only are we able to retarget this traffic, The Social Pixel also uses this information to create similar Facebook audiences to your website traffic. 

This creates a completely new audience that has not previously interacted with your brand but are likely to be interested in your product offering.


Weekly Reporting and KPIs

All of our decisions are driven by proven data. 

We analyse the Click Through Rate, Relevancy Score, Cost per Impression, Frequency and ROI on a daily basis to monitor the performance of your campaigns. This ensures that your advertising spend is being spent as cost effectiely as possible. 

Our clients receive a weekly report with a breakdown of the key metrics to understand how their campaigns are performing.

Our consistent analysis ensures that we are only running profitable campaigns for clients. 


Ad Creative

We understand that your brand is important to you. That is why we send screenshots of our ad creative prior to sending content live to ensure you are satisfied with the copy and images/video. 

We have run 100s of different ad sets for multiple industries. Our experience has shown that running multiple ad creatives is paramount to a successful campaign. 


Split Testing and Campaign Management

The importance of split testing is crucial to running successful campaigns through Facebook Advertising. 

The number of companies that do not test different ad sets, copy, images and video is alarming. It is impossible to understand how well a campaign can perform without testing different ad creatives and finding out which ones work and which ones to pause before over spending on an under performing campaign. 

Split Testing and campaign management is critical to The Social Pixels marketing process.

Daily Ad Optimisation

By analysing the KPIs of your campaign data we can make subtle changes that can impact your social conversions significantly. 

Whether we are using a carousal ad, single image of video retargeting.  We are constantly monitoring KPI data such as relevancy score and frequency to avoid ad fatigue. 

Companies are surprisingly poor at managing their data and understanding the significance of Facebooks analytics on their ad performance. 


Video Retargeting

Video is still the key of content. 

Combining the Facebook Pixel data with video content creates a sophisticated sales funnel with an audience that has already interacted with your brand. 

Video is also significantly cheaper than using Facebook for link clicks. We use video to generate new audiences which we can then retarget based on percentage of video watched.

Video retargeting is one of the most popular forms of Facebook Advertising for social marketers.