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How to Add New Clients In 30 Days


Where Jacqui was: 

When Jacqui came to us, she was looking for lead generation strategy that she could consistently rely on to take her consulting business to a new level. Old methods like cold emailing, networking events and referrals just weren't producing the results she had hoped for. Jacqui knew LinkedIn was the best platform for her, she knew this is where her ideal clients hangout but was struggling to communicate her value effectively and a result wasn't getting the traction she needed. 

How did we solve the problem?

After a 1 hour strategy call with Jacqui, we uncovered her true expertise and moved her away from a generalist consultant to a niche expert. We helped clearly define the problem she solves and articulate a nerve striking value proposition. We carefully crafted a marketing message based around the markets problems and the outcomes Jacqui's consulting business provides. Before going to market Jacqui was equipped with necessary sales collateral that will increase her expert positioning. 

Where Jacqui is now: 

Fast forward just 30 days and Jacqui has already started generating new clients, she recently had to stop marketing so she could put the right systems in place to handle the lead flow. She has now a predictable strategy to acquire new clients and doesn't have to rely on networking events, cold emails or referrals. We've shown her the best practises for lead nurturing and she's regularly booking new appointments. 

What Jacqui had to say: 

"The Social Pixel delivered on their promise. Within 48 hours I started receiving high quality leads from decision makers that would not be accessible from traditional marketing strategies. I would recommend their services"